My interests are in both harmonic analysis and number theory and particularly their interplay. Some recent work has been in discrete (number theoretic) tools in harmonic analysis, lattice point counting on surfaces, structure theorems in harmonic analysis, and development of Fourier analytic methods in arithmetic statistics.

Current Funding

I am funded by both NSF CAREER DMS 2237937 and NSF DMS 2231990 jointly in Analysis and Number Theory.


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Publications and preprints

Anderson, Theresa C., Bellah, E., Markman, Z., Pollard, T. and Zeitlin, J. Arbitrary finite intersections of doubling measures and applications. Submitted. Preprint on arXiv.

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Anderson, Theresa C., Lehrback, Juha, Mudarra, Carlos, and Vahäkangas, Antti. Weakly porous sets and
Muckenhoupt $A_p$ distance functions. Submitted. Preprint on arXiv

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for ellipsephic sets. To appear in Contemporary Mathematics.

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